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Mag. Hannes Heissl
A-1100 Wien, Gussriegelstraße 17/3/17
Mitglied der Wirtschaftskammer Wien – Landesinnung der Berufsfotografen UID: ATU 6688 5301
IBAN AT451500004211057585 BIC OBKLAT2L (Oberbank AG)
Gerichtsstand: Wien/Österreich
“Es gelten die gesetzlichen Gewährleistungsbestimmungen“

your INSPIRATION from the THOUGHTS of famous people from Vienna

Typography Quote:<br>Art is a line...<br>by Gustav Klimt Typography Quote:<br>Art is a erotic...<br>by Gustav Klimt Typography Quote:<br>I am a painter...<br>by Gustav Klimt Typography Quote:<br>Relaxation...<br>by Gustav Klimt Typography Quote:<br>Truth is like fire...<br>by Gustav Klimt
Typography Quote:<br>Life is...<br>by Kevin Kruse Typography Quote:<br>Life is...<br>by Amelia Earhart Typography Quote:<br>Life is...<br>by John Lennon Typography Quote:<br>Life is...<br>by Kevin Kruse Typography Quote:<br>The mind of man...<br>by Napoleon Hill Typography Quote:<br>Life is...<br>by Albert Einstein Typography Quote:<br>Missing shots...<br>by Wayne Gretzky

Convert your thoughts into a nice typography quote


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Meet our artist and get to know his artistic world

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and can be printed on Art/Handmade paper or canvas A4/A3/A2/ size with HQ pigmented inkjet technology.

Artist`s authenticity
Every reproduction is marked with serial number, artist signature and authentication dry seal stamp.


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We are a team of passionate lovers of Vienna, a city full of history, culture, tradition, beauty. We want to remind you that Vienna is a city with the biggest number of people that are known worldwide, people that left a mark on music, art, philosophy, governing…

In Vienna, throughout history, Maria Theresia, Franz Joseph, E.A. Eugenie, W.A. Mozart, L.V. Beethoven, Franz Shubert, Johann Strauss, Joseph Haydn, Sigmund Freud, Gustav Klimt were born, flourished and ruled. These colossal people walked on the streets of this romantic and magnetic city, and to this day with their accomplishments, they serve as an inspiration and an example for many artists, musicians, philosophers and rulers.

Be sure that Your stay in Vienna will change your life. We want to preserve this unforgettable experience, creating for You an unique and pesonal everlasting souvenir.

Enjoy your stay and bring Vienna’s history to your home!

Vienna is a city full of history, culture, tradition, science and beauty. Can you imagine, that in this city have been lived more worldwide well-known humans than in any other city?

Our mission is You, as visitors of Vienna to identify with these successful individuals, their success, talent, continuance and wisdom. We want these traits to be Your inspiration for the decisions you make further in your life.

Visiting Vienna mostly is unforgettable in live of the people. We offer you an everlasting souvenirs, artworks that you can receive printed and/or as digital file, so that you can share them it easily.

Enjoy your being in Vienna and bring an artwork to your homeplace!

Hannes Heissl


Denis Tenev

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